Our agents are trained to be exceptional Buyer’s Agents. This specialization has become a fundamental part of our business model.

We have carefully hired and trained our agents to be excepcional Buyer’s Agents. Our Broker originally started as a Buyer’s Agent, and that specialization has become a fundamental part of our business model.

Many of our clients become curious about buying real estate while here on vacation, having succumbed to the echanting climate and people of Lake Chapala. This curiosity leads to subsequent trips and more serious consideration, until finally a decision is made to purchase a home. As much as we appreciate vacationing clients who are hesitant to engage us because they don’t want to “waste anyon’3s time”, we believe you will find it helpful to meet with one of our agents no matter stage of the process you are in.

If you are just beginning your quest to purchase a home in Mexico, then you will find it helpful to meet with one of our agents and get your questions answered. At this time, we offer you our Get-To-Know-The-Area-Tour. Our agent will interview with you and then custom-taylor a tour to your needs. This tour covers the different villages and subdivisions around Lake Chapala. We cover the entire range of the “North Shore” as far east as the Chapala Country Club and as far west as Jocotepec. We show properties from ALL REAL ESTATE companies, not just our listings, and will give you a run-down of the pros and cons of each neighborhood. Along the way, we will point out restaurants, shops, markets, medical facilities and the like. In each subdivision, you will see one house that is either “typical” of that subdivision or deemed to be an opportunistic buy. Expect to see between eight and twelve houses for sale on your first tour.

When you are ready to make the purchase, our agents do the hard work for you. We will show you all the “best buys” first. These are a group of opportunistic buys hand-picked by our agents from across the MLS. It includes properties listed by us and those that are not. To become a “best buy” a property must be either listed under market value, considered to be extremely flexible, or be a unique property which is normally not readily attained. Our agents are trained to LISTEN TO THE CLIENT. This means they will not be showing you homes for half a million when you have specified a top limit of $200,000. They will also listen to specific wishes to see (or not to see) homes in certain areas, although often the agent may have valuable suggestions about areas you may not have considered or even have heard of. Once the right property is found, our agents are highly trained negotiators WHO WILL BE WORKING FOR YOU. They will make sure you get a deal you are excited about!

Although the vast majority of real estate transactions are completed smoothly, it isn’t infrequent to encounter complications from a wide range of sources, including but not limited to: international wire transfers and currency exchange, negotiations of the price recorded on the deed, the ever changing nature of Mexican tax laws, and the manner in which the Notarios (attorneys) who are authorized to close real estate transactions vary in their interpretation of those laws. There are also the matters of satisfying money laundering laws without raising red flags, and managing third party escrow accounts.

Once closed, you can now start enjoying your new home. However, work does not stop there. We will help you get your services set up and in your name. This includes, but is not limited to electricity, phone, internet, television, satellite, propane and so forth. We can also recommend maids, gardeners and pool service for your daily living as well as architects, contractors and engineers for any improvements you may decide to make. Our team will work extra to make you feel right at home. If you are happy with our service, all we ask is that you recommend us to your friends, or write us a testimonial of your experience working with us!