Healthcare in Mexico is excellent.  It is efficient and effective.   The medical field has a no nonsense attitude to conditions that may afflict their patients.  They are dedicated to finding the root cause of any ailment.  People here have had major heart surgery and it’s a “next day” waiting period.  Need a hip replacement?  No waiting.  You will be scheduled so soon as your blood tests have been completed and approved.  As always, do your homework to determine which doctor will meet your needs for your particular requirements.  The cost of healthcare in Mexico is generally half or less what you might expect to pay in the US or Canada.  The doctors here even do house calls!!  The costs for doctors visits will vary, but usually range between $250 pesos and $500 pesos per visit depending on the speciality of the doctor.

Facelifts are not uncommon here at lakeside.   Most who have that in mind are surprised at the minimal cost for any plastic surgery procedure.

Prescription drugs cost so much less than the same prescription in the US or Canada.

When lab tests are required they are done, usually without any waiting, and often results provided the same day.  The lab will email a copy of your results to both you and your doctor.  The cost is usually around $800 – $1000 pesos for a complete analysis.

A visit to a dentist for teeth cleaning costs about 200 pesos, of course this varies depending on the dentist. The dentist performs the cleaning, not an assistant.  Many have the latest in technology to perform any dentistry requirements you may have.  Yes, many come to Mexico only for dental work.  It will cost a fraction of what one pays in the US or Canada.

Individuals who have healthcare insurance from out of Mexico may want to investigate how your coverage will work in Mexico. 

There are many insurance companies to investigate to obtain coverage that will meet your individual requirements.


If you are driving to Mexico, you will be required to obtain Mexican insurance prior to crossing the border into Mexico.  There are several insurance companies that can assist with your specific requirements.   Should you plan on an extended trip to the area, you may want to consider suspending your US or Canadian vehicle insurance while insured in Mexico.   When you move permanently, of course you will be required to carry Mexican insurance on your vehicle.