Linda Fossi

Company Agent at: Biencom Real Estate

Linda Fossi has earned several advanced degrees and was a Professor of Fine Arts in California for many years. She was also a very successful licensed Realtor in California and was installed as a member of the ReMax Multi-Millionaire Club (Now called the Platinum Club) in her first year in Real Estate. After twenty years living and working in Redondo Beach, Calfornia, Linda decided to move to Sedona, Az. There she opened a successful business and also obtained her Arizona Real Estate license. But once again Linda got the travel bug (good-bye to the desert) and she took off for parts unknown for yet a third, seven month trek and this time she found Coeur d’Alene, Idaho; fell in love with the magnificent waters and mountains and bought land, and designed and built her first of many, three story homes. This one was on the Spokane River. She also designed, and built two Natural/Gourmet Food businesses. One in Coeur d’Alene, ID and one in Spokane, WA. Linda also became a licensed Real Estate agent in Idaho. From there, she ‘accidentally’ found Ajijic, (on her fourth, seven month RV trek) and within four days owned a home and has been here for the last twenty years. During that time, Linda has built or remodeled for various people and herself, over 14 homes and is currently building her second spec home to be sold soon on a Privada in East Ajijic as well as The RAD Scene and The RAD House for herself. Currently she owns Bellissimo’s Boutique Hotel which she designed and built and will be selling in the very near future. Linda knows every part of what makes a house come together and what makes it a home and has made her reputation on telling the truth about what she knows to be true, as well as always going the extra mile for each and every one of her customers or clients. Linda has been a licensed Real Estate Agent in Ajijic for over 16 years and knows a lot about this town, so if you are looking for an experienced and talented Realtor, look no further than Linda Fossi. To see her home design talents and interior design skills, check out: