The Ten Point Real Estate Sale

  1. Preliminary Assessment – Upon first contact with a seller, we will provide a legal analysis of the saleability of the property. This includes a thorough legal revision of the paperwork, including deeds, wills, subdivision procedures and construction licenses. At this point we will point out any potential hinderances in the way of divorces, heirs, capital gains taxes, immigration status and so forth.
  1. Comparative Market Analysis – We then provide a professional opinion of value, which will include a physical assessment and survey of the property, a calculation of the replacement value, a comparative market evaluation taking into account both currently listed comparable properties and recently sold values if they are available. If it is a   commercial real estate or income property we will calculate the             potential ROI and a commercial value for potential investors.
  1. Direct Marketing – Once a proper price is established, we begin our in-depth marketing plan to sell your property as fast as possible. We begin with advising you on how to dress, decorate and stage your home best for the fastest time from list to close. We help identify a target market or markets. We then design a marketing strategy for each property individually. This             includes professional quality photographs, a video-tour (upon        request, due to privacy concerns), color flyers, MLS marketing, online marketing on our direct webpage, specific printed ads (depending on the target market), online ads on major        Mexican commercial websites catering to real estate, as well as     e-mail marketing and social media exposure. Depending on your           property location and privacy concerns, we also do on the spot       marketing with creative signs and banners.
  1. Multiple Listing Service – We belong to the Chapala Association of Realtors (C.A.R.), which means that we actively market your property to ALL the other             real estate agencies in the Lake Chapala area. Your property will             appear on the Multiple Listing System (MLS) the entire time of the           listing contract. It will also be marketed by e-mail and facebook to       the other agents working in the Lakeside area. Furthermore we    will be presenting the property on the Broker caravan (every two           weeks, rotating through the different areas) as well as at our          associations bi-weekly commercial meetings.
  1. Communication – During the sale process, we will be showing your property to a variety of different potential buyers. These will be pre-qualified individuals with interest and ability to buy a home at Lake Chapala. We know communication is important to sellers, so we will be giving you timely updates on how many showings there have been, how the went, feed back from both potential buyers and other agents, as well as a detailed log of who has seen your property.
  1. Our Buyer’s Services – We work with the buyers as intricately as we do with the sellers. For new-comers in the area, we provide them with a free four hour orientation tour to get to know the area, as well as additional tours of the different subdivisions until they fall in love with a property. We answer all of their legal, technical, immigration, transportation and hospitality questions from before they get here, to all the detailed questions they will have about your property, how to buy it and how to maintain it.
  1. Negotiation of the Offer – Upon finding a buyer, we will present any and all offers to you. At all times we will be respectful of your home and your family, and provide a professional, un-biased opinion of the offer and the current market conditions.
  1. Preparing for the Closing – Once the sale is confirmed, there is more that goes into a closing than one may expect. We begin by recommending various Notarios (Notary Publics) who are capable to handle a closing and by getting different quotes for the buyers. Once a Notario is chosen, we provide them with all the documents they need for the closing. We also provide them your important legal information, so as to best prepare you for closing from day one. Any fiscal strategies or inheritances will be explained to them in detail. We help obtain no-liens certificates and no debt letters from the home owner’s association (when applicable), tax department and water company (when applicable). We also assist the Chapala government in assessing your property with a fair Avaluo (Fiscal Appraisal) and help any home inspector inspect your property for the buyer (when so requested).
  1. The closing – We handle the closing with Notario, making sure you are properly represented and all your interests are protected. We can also represent you in the sale with a power of attorney if that is necessary. We make sure all the workers (maid, garderner, pool man) are properly severed and that all your accounts pertaining to the property are turned over to the new owners.
  1. Receiving of funds – Once the closing is completed, we help you get your funds wherever you need them. We can tranfer the funds internationally and help you convert them to any currency necessary. Wire transfers from Mexico to overseas take less than 24 hours for most countries and we make sure that you get your money as fast as possible so that you can make your next step in life.